Nostalgic and Authentically Ghanaian: My Alikoto Memories…

Nostalgic and Authentically Ghanaian: My Alikoto Memories…

With the influx of technological gadgets, most of us seem to have forgotten about the numerous traditional games that used to be the ‘ish’ some time a

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With the influx of technological gadgets, most of us seem to have forgotten about the numerous traditional games that used to be the ‘ish’ some time ago. Shoutouts to the 70s, 80s and 90s people, who can still relate to games like ‘Police and Thief,’  ‘Pampanaa,’ ‘Alikoto,’ and ‘Maame and Paapa’. Indeed, those were the lit days.

Alikoto Bar and Grill is one place with an agenda to relive this classic past. The bar is a nice place of relaxation. Trust me, ‘nice’ is an understatement. It’s a blend of good people, beautiful environment, and an interesting concept in its entirety.

For instance, I was taken aback when I glanced through their drink menu. For the cocktails, they have interesting names like ‘Pee lolo,’ ‘Chaskele,’ ‘Kpitinge,’ ‘4 corners,’ ‘Ampe,’ and many more. And for the alcoholic beverages, ‘Me gye wo girl,’ ‘Alikoto,’ and ‘For the road,’ all feature. For any Ghanaian who grew up in this society, these names do bring back some memories. Upon my first visit, I opted for ‘Police and Thief.’ It tasted really good, in fact, like nothing I had ever tasted.

In terms of food, they serve yam chips with either fried chicken or pork, with ground green pepper—all very mouth-watering. If you are an advocate for authentic Ghanaian Jollof rice, that has just been included on the menu. It comes with veggies and either fried chicken or pork. That, I’m yet to try. When it comes to other services they provide, their waiters and waitresses are prompt and serviceable. They are polite and enjoy their work with absolute professionalism.

Every Friday is their flagship event, ‘Alikoto Fridays.’ On the last Friday of every month, however, customers are treated to a special flagship, ‘Payday.’ This comes in at the most auspicious time, since it is assumed that employees have been paid and so there is cash to ‘squash’. Also, sometime in the middle of the month where it is assumed that every employee’s pocket is dry, there is the aptly named night, ‘Oyeoshika etan.’ This is when customers are encouraged to come in and enjoy free shots. Aside the good food and drinks, the DJ on rotation excites you with some very hot bangers. It is never a dull moment at Alikoto Bar ‘n’ Grill.

All these good things aside, consider the calibre of people who patronize the bar. There is a corporate, yet friendly feel to the place. Decent people who just want to de-stress after a long week at work find the atmosphere welcoming. The few I spoke to seemed excited to be there.

There were bankers, teachers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, the average Joe on the street, and yes, some well-known faces. If you are lucky, you might meet our very own Bola Ray and DJ Blow, like I did.  Thus, this is a place where you don’t only de-stress but it’s also an environment that fosters lifetime connections. After all, what is life without connections? Lastly, they have traditional games like the ‘ludo’ which patrons can have fun with.

These are some first-hand reviews I got:

“Talking about location, it is hidden but can be seen, cannot be seen but can be heard”—Kofi.

“Everything here is cool. My favourite cocktail is ‘Dada ne Mama.’ The only thing I think should be improved is the AC. It sometimes gets really hot in here. Aside that, everything is lit.”—Anonymous

“I got to know about this place from a friend. I like the name; it’s very catchy. I also like the fact that it is a decent place. It is filled with young working people who want to hang out. What I think could be improved is the limited number of waitresses and limited menu.” —Anonymous

“This is a place I will recommend to all decent people who want to connect with like minded people and also shake off some stress. I would like to commend all 15 handsome guys who came together to put together ‘Alikoto Bar ‘n’ Grill.   ‘AYEKOO’”-Anonymous 

Wondering where ‘Alikoto’ is located?  Find it at Ring Road Central, adjacent Maxlot Hotel, behind the Starr Fm building. Or call them on 0561166166.

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Pamela Boateng

Pamela Boateng

Pamela Boateng is a third year student at the Ghana Institute of Journalism. She is studying Communication Studies; Journalism major. She is a Broadcaster andcurrently works with Spyderlee Entertainment TV. Pamela is interested in entertainment issues both locally and internationally. Get interactive with her...
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    Kwame Akrofi 2 years

    Aside sharing in the memory, I share in the good stuff you’d fine at the Bar.. Great place. Big ups


    Great piece Pamela

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