Eya Naturals: Redeeming the ‘Natural’ in Natural Hair

Eya Naturals: Redeeming the ‘Natural’ in Natural Hair

It is no secret that 'natural hair' is the latest craze now for women in Ghana, Africa, and Ethnic women the world over. Words like 'naturalista' and

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It is no secret that ‘natural hair’ is the latest craze now for women in Ghana, Africa, and Ethnic women the world over. Words like ‘naturalista’ and ‘Afro queen’ get hash-tagged all over social media to show that the person identifies with this not-so-very-new trend. If you ask me though, we seem to play fast and lose with the word ‘natural’. Why don’t we refer to an Indian woman’s hair as natural…? As I’m yet to see an Indian with artificial hair. Get it?

Fact, the black race has always had kinky, course hair, right? So it’s no surprise the infinite number of outlets that abound on the Internet trying to sell products that ‘manage’ natural hair, ergo making it softer and easier to comb. I’m delving into the social media presence and marketing technique of one such outlet, Eya Naturals

So my natural hair journey started almost a year ago and I was on a quest to have healthy beautiful hair. I heard of Eya Naturals in December last year from an aunt whose natural hair I’ve always admired or better, envied. She has shiny bouncy hair with an impressive length for the less than two years she’s been keeping it. Actually, she recommended two names and I checked out both on Facebook. But then I got hooked to Eya Naturals from the get go! The reasons are not far-fetched.

At a glance, their Facebook Page gave every information regarding their products. Frankly, the other name I didn’t so much like got better recommendations but I believe in the ‘package-somehow-counts-too-as-does-the-content’ kinda theory and that outlet seemed to me to lack the proper ‘packaging’ on Facebook. Granted it was just after the yuletide that I checked both pages out, but a potential customer isn’t interested in who has won a hamper or product without actually informing said customer about how to win one also! If it were only a few posts on the winners, it wouldn’t have minded so much but it was longer than just a cursory look and I had to reload more posts and it was the same! I got uninterested fast.



With Eya Naturals, the story was different. From the first post, I knew what they were about and that they were only interested in how they could meet my hair needs. I mean who wouldn’t want to be straightfoward-ed at? Within a matter of seconds, I was convinced my hair woes were over! It was also within those few seconds I found myself saving their number on my phone.  I made the call the next day and oh my! The lady who answered was the nicest stranger I’ve ever spoken on phone with! I had already gotten lots of information from their page about what products they have available and had already made up my mind on what to go for but she was such a delightful person and being the chatty person I am, we spoke for far longer than necessary. In addition, she was gave me free hair tips! I later got to know she is the Client Service and Marketing Manager. Not surprising after all! I ordered and was told my package would be delivered the next day. Had I made the call earlier in the morning, I would have received it same day. Piece of cake!

Now about their delivery services, that’s where I have a not so teeny-weeny issue with. They profess free delivery within Accra and Tema, yet when I said I live within the environs of Kasoa, I was told all Kasoa-bound customers have to go meet up with the delivery man at the West Hills Mall for their package. Say what?! Of course, I gave a small lecture on what free delivery means but I was told if I want a delivery to my house, I would have to pay GHC 5 more. I grudgingly agreed to go to the mall but as I needed to buy something from the mall anyway and the cost of public transportation from my house to the mall and back was less than half the extra charge, it was a win-win for me.


Jasmine Baroudi (Customer)

I got my package without any hustle, and the products are wonderful. A peek sneak, all their products are made from local ingredients found in Ghana. I’m talking Shea butter, black soap, and my favorite, coconut oil. I bought the ‘Grow & Thicken’ set made up of Black Soap Shampoo, De-tangling Conditioner, Shea Body and Hair Butter, Leave-in Lotion, Hot Oil Treatment, Hair Growth Oil, and Aloe Vera Hair Mist. Oh and a small spray bottle!

I’ll say Eya Naturals has got the package, and the content as well. To think they do not have a one-stop shop for their products makes their effort the more appealing. Has their product worked for me, I hear someone ask? I’m definitely skewed towards a maybe. My hair is shinier, prettier, and just more lustrous than it used to be. It maybe too soon to tell, but I know my hair does feel ‘important’ now because let’s face it, GHC 100+ just for hair products is a bit much in Ghana, for me anyway, but I got convinced within seconds to part away with such an amount. I think I might do it again…

Out of five stars, I give Eya Naturals’ virtual presence and astute marketing technique four and a half. Have you used this product lately? Can you attest to this review? Share your experience with us.

Nafisa Mohammed

Nafisa Mohammed

Nafisah Mohammed holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies degree with a major in Journalism. She believes writing is her mission in life, and loves to free her mind through writing. Connect with Nafisa on social media.
Nafisa Mohammed


  • comment-avatar
    Efua 2 years

    Great review. Eya Naturals is such a great company. Excellent products and excellent customer service. I’ve been using their products for several months now and I highly recommend them.

  • comment-avatar
    Akosua 2 years

    Woohoo! I use their products too!!! I love their Black Soap Shampoo,Leave-in lotion & the Shea body and hair butter. Eya naturals all the way!

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