ASORIBA – The New Church Manager

ASORIBA – The New Church Manager

Many are those who hold the view that Ghanaians are techno-phobic. We have seen news reports on government institutions and the display of piles of ol

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Many are those who hold the view that Ghanaians are techno-phobic. We have seen news reports on government institutions and the display of piles of old rusty national records and data make you squirm in your seat when it shows on the news. We wonder, are we safe? In this day and age, when technology is proving to be a viable savior in every aspect of our lives, it would be useful if our institutions took advantage of the many ways technology could prove useful in our system. When it comes to one of such institutions – the church, we usually do not make the instant connection on how these two phenomena could work hand-in-hand.

Over 94% of Ghanaians belong to a religious group and out of this 94% more than 70% are Christians. The church plays a central role in the life of most Ghanaians. On a typical Sunday, when you walk across the streets of the country, you will find the rich, middle class and low income dressed in their best attires going to church. This is seen even beyond Sundays; workers close early on some business days to go and fellowship in church.

Churches in Ghana do not only serve as avenues for Christians to worship, they also play crucial roles in various Ghanaian societies; they build schools to educate the people in the community,  health centers to attend to the health needs of the people, and orphanages to care for orphans. These institutions also help create jobs for the Ghanaian populace thereby reducing the burdens on the society.

With the emergence of technology in Africa, individuals, businesses and corporations in Ghana are on the rise of clutching to this new advancement. Though the church is one of the oldest industries in the country, it is lagging behind in these advancements in technology.

Churches find it difficult to get to members on individual bases, manage members’ data, monitor attendance and manage the church’s finances. Information about members, financial contributions, and other significant data are kept in books and sometimes on spreadsheets. These books for record keeping get lost and information kept on spreadsheets too, sometimes get corrupted.

However, the recent Seedstars Africa winner, Asoriba, a web and mobile application for effective church management has come up with a solution to all the challenges churches are facing. The Asoriba app developed by a team of young passionate Christians who are well aware of the difficulties churches are facing; is transforming church management in Ghana.

Asoriba creates the platform for churches to manage members, leaders and groups in the church, check attendance, communicate with members on individual bases (through emails, SMS, push notifications), create events, set reminders, manage finances, integrate branches into one platform, among many other features.

Now it doesn’t matter where you are, you can get engaged in your church’s activities; get announcements, pay your dues, get in touch with your pastor, and make prayer requests, all on Asoriba.

Many churches in Ghana are now embracing this new technology and the reviews about Asoriba from leaders in these churches are testimonies to the services the app provides. Church just got easier and better with Asoriba!


Sandra Ohemeng

Sandra Ohemeng

Sandra A. Ohemeng is a graduate from Yaa Asantewaa Girls' Senior High School. When not working, Sandra is either reading, writing or reading other people's writings.
Sandra Ohemeng

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    Gifty 2 years

    The Asoriba team is doing a great job I must say!

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