We have a strong passion and crave for authentic African arts and entertainment. More importantly, we look forward to promoting a socially conscious and sensitive industry. Therefore, we seek to review the African cultural industry to promote local consumption, and circulation of our content, products and services.

We encourage, critique and promote the industry’s progression by sparking healthy discussions on relevant topics. We at Sankofa Reviews believe that the past is always pregnant with answers and direction for a people and an industry seeking progress. Constant critical reflection is also a necessary instrument for a conscious people.

We therefore employ a rhetorical approach by attending to Audience, Purpose and Context. We invite your useful contribution to this journey. Have you watched a movie, listened to a song, used a local product or attended an event lately? Send your reviews to info@sankofareviews.com

—-If we do not recoup what is useful from the past as a springboard for the present and future, what else must we do? Sankofa!


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