A Rib Cracking Romantic ‘Wahala’ Indeed: Amakye And Dede Movie Review

A Rib Cracking Romantic ‘Wahala’ Indeed: Amakye And Dede Movie Review

  After angling through the thick, winding crowd and finding myself a seat at the premiere of KOFAS MEDIA’s second movie ‘AMAKYE & DEDE,’ one thi

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After angling through the thick, winding crowd and finding myself a seat at the premiere of KOFAS MEDIA’s second movie ‘AMAKYE & DEDE,’ one thing was certain: the hustle was worth it. Indeed, I haven’t had a good laugh like this in a long, long while.

Let me start off by commending the cast and crew of the movie for this great production. This is a movie I wouldn’t mind watching over and over again. Why? Firstly, it’s comedy. It was never a dull moment watching it and what about its subject matter? The movie tells the story of two great friends; Amakye (Kalybos) and Dede (Majid Michel) who fell in love with the same lady Emefa (Ahuof3 Patri). The entire movie then revolves around their endless machinations in competition for her attention. Unlike the popular love triangle, this particular plot is different. As to who wins the heart of the lady, I’ll leave the guess to you, and encourage seeing the movie yourself.

When it comes to cast, the Director did a great job by pairing Kalybos and Majid Michel as the lead characters. They jelled so well, and executed their roles excellently. I had no doubt Kalybos will deliver, and he indeed delivered. Majid on the hand isn’t in my book of great comedy acts even though he usually plays some funny roles; but in ‘Amakye & Dede’ he did so well. One memorable line of his, was a tongue twister “let’s go and shake a tower” instead of “let’s go and take a shower.”

Still on cast, the Director heeded on recent calls to merge the Accra-based Ghallywood stars with the Kumasi stars. As it turned out, the casting of Majid Michel, Kalybos, Ahuof3 Patri, John Dumelo, to mention but a few, and the Kumasi movie stars like Yaw Dabo, Apostle John Prah, Emelia Brobbey, among others produced an excellent mix of some the country’s finest talents. This great collaboration refutes certain claims that Ghallywood stars can’t work with Kumawood stars.

Another strength of this movie is its inclusion of some veteran actors, like Grace Nortey. This is commendable because, in recent times, most veteran actors including Kowh3, have lashed out on movie directors and producers for not giving them roles. Elderly roles, they claim, are no longer played by the old people. Rather, directors make up the young actors to look like old people, a casting technique they feel is subpar.

It’s easy to watch a comedy movie and be carried away without noticing some shortcomings but thankfully, I was able to identify some shortfalls irrespective of how good I was enjoying myself.  John Dumelo’s Ewe extraction fitted well with his role as ‘Torgbui,’ the chief mechanic in the movie. His usual well-executed acting, however, did not shine forth from in this role.

When it comes to storyline, I think it conveyed just the right amount of suspense and viewers appreciated the twists. The transition, however, between the scenes were not smooth. Also, some sequence of scenes were scattered and sudden: disconnections from previous and later scenes were evident.

With cinematography and angle shots, the DOP and camera crew were professional. The picture quality was sharp and clear which made all the objects captured stand out. The colours red and orange were prominent. In fact, sometimes, because the picture was too clear, I couldn’t tell red from orange. With angle shots, the several aerial shots were unique but maybe just a little too much.

Costume and makeup are also one great strength. The costumier showcased some very modern, street-style, contemporary and sophisticated outfits which fitted perfectly for all the roles. What could be improved is the few times that African print costumes were used in the movie. In as much as ‘Amakye& Dede’ is a contemporary African movie, I didn’t see much Africanness portrayed in the costuming. Also, in as much Ahuof3 Patri’s costumes were bright and very fashionable, it almost got boring seeing her in red as she wore that colour in most of the scenes. The makeup also wasn’t over the top. It was, to some extent, suitable for the roles.

Great thumps up to the director for the uniquely Ghanaian touch that the movie came with: Twi and Ewe were used. That is praiseworthy, considering the kind of movie and cast in question. Further Ghanaian traits were present: kenkey and shito. The director also used only Ghanaian songs, a development I find particularly intriguing. He used songs from ‘The Show Boy’ Amakye Dede, aka Blay and many, many more.

I spoke with some patrons of the movie and this is what they had to say;

‘In my opinion, the cast selection is the best so far in all the local movies I have watched. The video was great. The sound was good. Taking an aerial shot of some scenes added a certain amount of beauty to the movie’—Kwame Anokye Nkansah

‘The movie is very nice and funny. The storyline is very life applicable. The cast combination was also perfect.  What I didn’t like is the apartment the lead characters Amakye and Dede were living in.  It looked too exotic for their condition. They should have lived in a low class apartment. Aside that, everything was perfect’—Maame  Frimpomaa

For KOFAS MEDIA to pull off a great romantic comedy movie by all standards for two consecutive years, I have no shadow of doubt he is paying his dues in the movie industry and I’m sure it is paying off and of course putting Ghana high on the entertainment map. So if you are stressed about the downhill trend of the economy, the political tension in the country, the pile of workload on your head, guess what, grab a copy of ‘AMAKYE & DEDE,’ a bowl of kelewele, and laugh your stress away.

Pamela Boateng

Pamela Boateng

Pamela Boateng is a third year student at the Ghana Institute of Journalism. She is studying Communication Studies; Journalism major. She is a Broadcaster andcurrently works with Spyderlee Entertainment TV. Pamela is interested in entertainment issues both locally and internationally. Get interactive with her...
Pamela Boateng


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